Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lawsuit says NY women's classes are discriminatory

NEW YORK (AP) -- A man who uses lawsuits to crusade against feminists has sued Columbia University, saying its women's studies program is unconstitutional because there's no comparable men's program.

Attorney Roy Den Hollander filed the lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan on Monday.

The lawsuit claims the women's studies program is discriminatory. It says the university uses government aid to promote a religious belief system known as feminism. It seeks a men's program or an end to the women's program.

Columbia University has no comment on the lawsuit.

Hollander last year filed a lawsuit saying ladies' nights at Manhattan nightclubs are discriminatory because they offer women free or discounted admission and drinks. Nightclub attorneys call that pending lawsuit frivolous.


HK said...

(1) um, except that like 90% of what most schools teach IS men's studies. grrrr.
(2) "ladies night" isn't a feminist cause, it's a way to get people into the bars- obviously.
(3)they should give him his men's studies class- educating people about the nature of gender roles can be a great way to combat discrimination.

becca said...

Exactly! Plus, if this guy would care to look past the labels he'd see that any gender studies program worth its salt now has classes on men's studies and masculinities, too. This one (http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/cwgs/) at UT-Austin addresses "problems faced by women, men, and families." Sounds pretty discriminatory, huh? Call the Supreme Court!!

Bloody Ice Cream said...

"It helps girls get jobs afterwards. It allows them get a degree in Women’s Studies, allows them to get fellowships and scholarships, allows them to become professors." - Roy Den Hollander on why he's against Women's Studies.

For more choice words, including stories about Roy's martial arts prowess, go here.